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Giant Trevally on a Fly on Christmas Island
chad gillespie christmas island bonefish
bryson with a GT on Christmas Island at The Villages

Our Clients Speak
Mike W.

"This trip is among the best I've been on. The spectacular fishing is one thing, but warm tropical water and endless flats to walk is what sets this trip apart. Being able to stalk fish exclusively on foot is what makes Christmas Island so special for me. I love to walk and tip-toe up on unsuspecting fish. It escalates from fishing to hunting at that moment in time."

fly fishing at chrismtas island

The Villages at Christmas Island

Planning Resources for Christmas Island Fishing Trips

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Expert Consulting on Christmas Island Fly Fishing Trips

Let us help. Even if you can't make one of our hosted trips let our expert team assist with fly selection, gear planning, and even book you into another week. Our expertise is priceless on Christmas Island and our friendly pros will set you up.

joe rotter bonefish christmas island fly fishing

Contact Joe Rotter,, to learn more about how to book and fish Christmas Island.

The Red's Fly Shop team will be sure that you are properly booked, prepared, and organized on what is the "trip of a lifetime" for many anglers.  Using our service and a host is a great way to make your experience the best it can be.

With a 1:1 Guide to Angler Ratio This Destination is Perfect for Single Anglers!

The great Lefty Kreh has described Christmas Island as "the best Bonefish fishing on the planet..."  He would know!  Come see for yourself.  This is one of the most famous fly fishing destinations in the world and this is your chance to sign up for this trip with a host that is going to travel alongside you for the entire week.  You book with us and fish with us!  

This is an amazing adventure where there are many species to target including world class Bonefish, Giant Trevally, Blue Fin Trevally, and about a dozen other species.

Itinerary for Christmas Island Trips:

Fly into Honolulu, Hawaii on Monday.  Tuesday, fly to Christmas Island and check into the lodge Wednesday - Monday fish, fish, fish.  Tuesday, transfer to the airport early in the morning, fly to Honolulu, fly home.  Allow a minimum of 2 hours in Honolulu to clear customs.

Giant Trevally Fishing in Christmas Island

GT's are amazing fish, and catching a fast cruiser on the open flats that is spotted and sight cast to is a very special catch!  You will never forget it.  On our trips to The Villages we don't use chum to lure the fish in close, lodge policy.  We work hard and try to catch these brutes "fair chase".  Catch numbers of these beasts are not high and we want to keep expectations realistic for every angler that comes along.  All anglers will get shots at big GT's while wading the flats.  Not everyone will get one however.

There are other lodges and other trips willing to chum them in, but this is not one of those trips.  We tend to find that a "no chum" culture on our trips binds anglers together with shared values and everyone has a fun time.  

If and when an angler is fortunate enough to land a big GT we will all celebrate.  If you don't get one, that is ok too!  We have a tendency on our trips to celebrate pretty much everything.  We simply encourage anglers to do it right and fish without chum.  If you share these sentiments then this trip is for you.

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Cost and Details

7 Nights/6 Days of Fishing - $2990 per angler (Pricing for 2020 Dates) 
*Dates listed include travel days to/from Honolulu. Your return flight from CXI will be one day before your Honolulu arrival due to the Int'l Date Line.

Trip Includes:

  • Fishing and casting seminars prior to departure
  • 1:1 Guide Ratio, everyone gets their own guide.  Not every guide will be highly experienced, this is the only downside of the 1:1 ratio.  In essence, in order to field twice as many guides as the 2:1 lodges they are often traning new staff.  
  • Complete gear planning and personal shopping
  • Personally hosted by Red's Fly Shop
  • 7 Nights and 6 Full Days of Guided Flats Fishing
  • All meals at the lodge
  • Airport pickup once on the ground in Christmas Island

Not Included:

  • Airfare
  • Beer, Wine, etc.
  • Fishing License ($50 +/-)
  • Hotel in Honolulu and any Airport Shuttles
  • Gratuities, laundry services
  • A few other misc. expenses
  • Flies, leaders, gear, etc.

Travel Terms & Conditions

A 50% deposit is due within 10 days of the reservation. Reservations booked online using credit cards are subject to additional financing charges. Final payments are due 60 days from the departure date. For all trips scheduled less than 60 days out, full payment is required upon reservation. 

For all Reds Fly Shop travel adventures, both deposits and final payments are non-refundable unless a client is replaced. i.e. you (or we) can find someone to take your spot. Both your deposit and final payment can be transferred to another client for the same trip. Red's Fly Shop reserves the right to apply a $100 processing fee for itinerary changes.

Red's Fly Shop is not responsible for loss of fishing days due to missed flights, sickness, injury, weather delays, or any other reason.  Red's Fly Shop also reserves the right to make alterations to the itinerary as deemed necessary or desirable, even if additional cost is passed onto members of the party.  Additionally, any expenditures caused by delays, or occurrences beyond the control of Red's Fly Shop are the responsibility of the guest.  Lost baggage, gear, rods, or other personal items are also not the responsibility of Red's Fly Shop.  

Final Payment is acknowledgment the guest has read and understands these policies and those included in the accompanying waiver.