Deadliest Nymphs for Spring Caddis Hatches

April 28, 2016

Hatches all across the country will begin happening with great intensity in the next 3 weeks. The most common and prolific of all hatches is CADDIS!  They are the most widely distributed of all fly fishing related insects and often hatch in epic numbers. We want you to be prepared, so this week we'll introduce deadly nymphs and next week we'll follow up with our favorite DRY FLIES!

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Caddis "Pre-Hatch" Nymphing Tips

Caddis go through a complete metamorphosis.  They start as Larvae, as pictured above.  Most Caddis live in cases. They under go a metamorphosis inside their case on the bottom of the river, and then as Pupae they shoot themselves to the surface in an attempt to fly away.  In this transition, the trout gorge on them underwater.  We like to use a variety of Prince Nymphs, Hare’s Ears, and Lightning Bugs. 

Tips for Nymphing Prior to a Caddis Hatch
  1. Fish deep early in the hatch and mid-day until the hatch begins.
  2. Fish mid-water column or near the surface in the afternoon and evening if the hatch starts to happen.
  3. LET YOUR NYMPH swing up at the end of the drift during this hatch.  Caddis move aggressively towards the surface and this rising effect will often trigger strikes.
  4. Ditch the stonefly nymph and fish 1 or 2 small bugs.  
  5. Consider European Style Nymphing with no strike indicator.  It allows you to lift the fly with great finesse and often triggers aggressive strikes as the fly rises.
  6. Look for fast shallow pocket water.  This time of year Rainbows will be post spawn, very hungry, and enjoying the rate of food that faster water offers.
  7. Dry Dropper setups work well during the hatch if the fish aren't rising.  Often fish will be eating pupae 12" under the water's surface.

Deadly Nymphs

Tungsten Bead Hare's Ear Soft Hackle

Tungsten Bead Peacock Hare's Ear

Red Holographic Prince Nymph

Purple Holographic Prince Nymph

Pearl Lightning Bug Nymph

King Prince Nymph

Tungsten Bead Jighead Hook Yellow Spot Nymph

Tungsten Bead Jighead Hook Pheasant Tail

Prince Harry Beadhead Hare's Ear Nymph


Jighead Tungsten Beadhead Caddis Pupae

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