UPDATED - Episodes 1 and 2 - The Bonefish Virgin Fishes Ascension Bay

March 11, 2017

The dust is finally beginning to settle now that I have been back for a week from Ascension Bay, Mexico.  Its hard to believe that 7 days ago I was knee deep in tropical water casting at all sorts of different fish. This was my 9th trip to Asc Bay and each time down I always seem to learn something new.  OK LOTS of new stuff.  I get better at casting, explaining casting, and making critical decisions in the heat of battle.

I experienced so many new things it was nuts.  I was also glad to have my good friend James St. Claire on the trip as well.  He saved up his hard earned cash and took the plunge on his first saltwater trip.  It was a big trip for him and I was fortunate enough to fish with him for a couple of days throughout the week.   Even better was that we recorded a Podcast over Happy Hour a couple of times during the week.  Here is Episode 1, follow Red's Fly Shop on Podbean and stay tuned for upcoming Episodes. 

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Pictures from My Week in Ascension Bay

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Ascension Bay 2017 - Rotter Low Res