Big Ass Bass and DIY Access to Hilltop Lake

April 7, 2017

The Yakima River is in rough shape today and will probably be pretty ugly this weekend.  Maybe think about bucketmouths? A couple of our good friends from Northwest Fly Fishing did some early reconnaissance on our private Bass Lake yesterday.... and it was very good!  Jon Luke and Steve Maeder landed some hawgs.  We are limiting fishing pressure to 12 rods per week and just had two more dates open up!  

April 22nd and 23rd are now open, and you can book this as a DIY and take your own boat for $150 per day.

TIP!!!!  - Come to the Red's Rendezvous VIII on April 22nd, personally learn from these guys about how to fish this lake and then hit it on April 23rd!  No brainer guys.  

Just a couple of shots from their trip yesterday... beautiful.

  1. Got 2 flycaster friends flying in from the east coast on April 26. Any hope for drifting the Yakima for rainbows by then? If not, would the pay-for-bass lake be available the week after the 26th?