Capture the Moment - Seminars with Brian Okeefe - Red's Rendezvous IX

March 7, 2018

On Friday night at the Red's Rendezvous IX, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from what I call the "The World's Foremost Angler".  Why that title?  Because if you can think of a destination....Brian's been there.  If you throw your longest cast.... Brian's is longer haha.  All this and he is one of the most enjoyable guys to be around and learn from.  His images have been published in every major fly fishing publication, and he was an original founder of Catch Magazine where you can still see much of his past work.  

Instead of just taking your camera and going "Click, Click, Click" and taking 800 mediocre photos that you'll never appreciate, let Brian teach you how to Capture the Moment with high quality images using whatever camera you already own.

In addition to these seminars, we'll be offering Dutch Oven Cooking Demos, yard games, a FREE River Rafting Adventure Class (includes a rafting trip) and FREE Women's Cast n' Blast Combination Lessons.

April 20th - Friday Night - Red's Rendezvous IX

Advanced Distance and Accuracy Seminar with Brian Okeefe, Steve Joyce, George Cook, and Joe Rotter

What an opportunity!  Learn advanced skills from 4 of the best anglers that we know and put these new skills to work the next day in the 5 Weight Fly Casting Competition and try to win a Sage X Rod/Reel combo valued at over $1,200!. Each brings their own specific experiences to teaching you how to place a fly more accurately, and more efficiently at a moving target.  It's not all about distance, but that should be a tool in your quiver that you call upon. If you ever plan to pursue high stakes fish in far away places then you need this seminar!  Make an entire weekend out of the Red's Rendezvous IX and stay in the area.  There are many campgrounds in the Yakima Canyon and nearby hotels in Ellensburg, at this point the lodge is booked full. 

Seminar space is limited so please RSVP soon!

Capture the Moment - Photography Seminar with Brian Okeefe

7:00 pm - Canyon River Lodge Great Room - Drinks and Apps Available During the Show!

"As soon as the digital era began, everyone with a smartphone became a photographer.  I will walk you through a series of easy to understand tips and techniques that will instantly make you a much better photographer.  You won't need any fancy equipment, just keep using whatever you already own.  Plus you won't have to quit fishing.  In addition to learning new tricks for your next fishing trip, I will explore the world with 100 images and demonstrate examples of these techniques.  Eye candy and easy to understand tips make for a win-win. Please join me for this event and you too will be able to truly Capture the Moment".  Brian Okeefe

  1. I registered for the 5-6 casting seminar Friday night (April 20th). Will that interfere with going to Brian O’Keefe’s picture taking seminar?