Drift Boat Rentals for DIY Floaters are Back!

July 14, 2016

We got a couple of Clackacrafts back in the fleet and are now renting fiberglass drift boats again to experienced rowers.  I know there are a bunch of you that have been asking for this, so here we go. We have very nice boats, oars, and our crew will do all the towing and put in/take outs.

Below is a bunch of information on all the fishing specific rentals that we do for the various boats/rafts. I am excited to get you DIY rowers outfitted and ready for action.  A consideration as well is to get some rowing lessons too.  

Drift Boat and Fishing Raft Rentals in the Yakima Canyon

At Red's we'll do everything we can to support DIY anglers looking to pilot their own adventure.  We rent fiberglass drift boats, framed fishing rafts, and personal watercrafts depending on the angler's preference and experience.

Beginning Rower?  No problem. We have a friendly crew that would love to show you the ropes in a fun, safe, and affordable process. Check out our rowing lessons.

How Does the Rental Process Work?

We are located ON the river which makes it very convenient for you.  You will start or end at the exclusive Red's Fly Shop boat launch located in the center of the Yakima River Canyon.

Depending on the rate of river flow, your start time, and desired takeout time, you have a variety of options.  Our staff can brief you on the day of your rental prior to launch. We make the float plan easy the day of.  Anglers that want to fish all day during the summer will often start at Red's in the morning, get picked up mid-day downstream from us, then shuttled back up for a float down to Red's for the evening bite.  You can fish till dark if you so choose.  

Drift Boat Rentals

We rent fiberglass drift boats to experienced rowers. Our boats are 15- 16' and include oars, lifejackets, and we do all the launching and take out procedures.

Cost and Details:

$225 per day - All day rental.  Boats will accommodate 3 anglers.

Framed Fishing Raft Rentals

We have several framed fishing rafts for rent.  These are the best option for novice to intermediate rowers. We have a rafts with hard platforms for anglers to stand on and fish, and rafts without platforms to stand on and fish.   

Cost and Details:

Framed Raft with Standing Floors - $199 per day - All day rental.

Framed Raft without Standing Platforms - $159 per day - All day rental.

Personal Fishing Watercraft Rentals


A one person fishing craft is a great way to go for a single angler when the river flows are 3,000 cfs or less.  You can use it to fish from with fins, or you can simply use it to row from fishing spot to spot and wade fish.  This is an ideal way to fish in September - May when the river flows are down a bit.  We use Watermaster boats and Outcast Scout boats for these rentals.

Cost and Details:

Personal Watercraft Rentals - $109 per day - All day rental.