Episode 19 - Wisdom of the Guides and Rendezvous IX Preview

March 5, 2018

We realize that a lot of people are as busy as we are, and taking in a lot of information off of a blog requires one to sit on a screen for an extended period of time. Instead of having you damage your precious vision reading a lengthy article all the time(you'll need those eyes to spot fish!), we want you to listen to our "Podcast".  That way you can listen while you drive, commute, or need to drown out your co-workers. For those that aren't familiar with Podcasts, it's basically a radio station with no commercials that hopefully sticks to the content that you want.  You can listen here on the blog, but the best method is to get the Podbean App for a smartphone and follow "The Mend" which is the name of our Podcast.  It's easy to do and it will automatically stop/start where you left off. 

Follow along, take a listen and stay connected to Red's Fly Shop on Podbean.

  1. this is good stuff, did you pierce Jason's other ear?