Euro Nymph Fishing on Our Lunch Break - 30 Minutes of Mayhem

April 4, 2018

My Euro Nymphing Setup:

Sage ESN 4100-4 - 10' 4 Weight (I plan to get the 11' 3 Weight Redington Hydrogen SINGLE HAND ROD - don't get the switch rod)
RIO Gold WF3F Fly Line ( I like a thin line, since I don't cast with it anyway on these short drifts a #3 is good, #2 would be even better to protect light tippet when the fish runs) 
18-24" of 20# Chartreuse/Orange Dacron Backing for my "Sighter"
Leader is 12' of 20# Maxima Ultragreen above the Sighter

My 3 Favorite Flies for Euro Nymphing:

I personally have had my best success using Jighead Tungsten Beadhead flies.  I haven't done as well using Stone Nymphs (you will here this in the video), so these are the 3 flies that I have been relying on primarily.  Get more than you think you need because you will loose a few getting started until you learn to control the depth of your drift. I like using a #12 as my "anchor fly" on 3X and a #16 as my trailer fly on 4X or 5X.

  1. Pulled into Reds after drifting from Big Horn and watched you two across the river employing the euro technique. I think you caught more fish in 30 minutes than we did it 5 hours:) I am a believer!
  2. I’d steer away from the 11’ Hydrogen. Look at a Cortland or Thomas and Thomas. You’ll be much happier. The 10’ 3wt Hydrogen is a solid euro rod but the 11’ 3wt misses the mark. Poor swing weight and sensitivity in my opinion
  3. Thanks for the video and enjoyed seeing how much fun you had Joe. Knowing the tungsten bead grain weight... Some of the DVDs and videos on Euro nymphing talk about selecting and/or knowing the tungsten bead grain weight of the flies and having a variety of grain weighted flies. Some experts even arrange their flies by grain weight. Thoughts on the above subject? Thanks! Rick in Spokane