Find Easier Spots to Catch Fish // Powerhour Tip of the Week

June 20, 2019

Seeking out inside corners is a basic fundamental of the experienced angler. Anytime I go to a new river I'm always looking for inside corners with the right mix of choppy water and a good seamline.  The trout move into these edges to take refuge in the edge of the softer currents, while enjoying a smorgasboard of food moving beside them in the swift currents offered by the main current.

strike zone on an inside corner

The image demonstrates a narrow inside seamline.  Some inside corners offer much wider fans of choppy water, when it is both choppy and walking speed you found a great spot.  Your FIRST cast is by far most likely to hook a mature fish. I've seen this demonstrated in real life thousands of times, so make that first drift the best it can be.  Where you stand matters on that first shot, stay positioned slightly downstream of what appears to be the best zone.

The Approach on Inside Corners

The challenge for many anglers here is the approach.  I've seen both clients and civilian anglers ruin thousands of opportunities by having a poor approach on a juicy inside seam.  This has to stop people!  Whether you are fishing a dry fly or nymph, where you stand is CRITICAL.  On inside bends do not, do not, and I repeat DO NOT attempt to cast accross or down on an inside corner.  With a nymphing setup the fly instantly outruns your strike indicator, and no matter how much and how fast you feed line, it can't keep up with your fly or indicator.  Since you are casting accross slow water, to faster water, the downstream approach is simply not effective.  A dry fly can cheat the system, but if you want to consisently fool mature trout please take my advice and work upstream on an inside seam.

Today's Nymphing Setup

  1. What line were you using on this setup?
  2. Is the Echo Shadow 3 weight sufficient to handle Madison River lakers in October?
  3. But, but, after you're done fishing up and inside that corner you MUST swing a soft hackle down and across from that corner...