Fishing Reports, Ideas on Flies, and Classes You Might Like

August 6, 2017

Before you get too far, remember that we teach fly fishing classes EVERY weekend!  I personally taught the Red's University of Fly Fishing (R.U.F.F.) Fly Fishing 101 and 201 classes yesterday and it reminded me how fun it is to get new anglers trained well, and trained right. Its a fun and affordable curriculum and you'll get real, relevant, and local intel on how to fly fish Central Washington.  Maybe you don't need the basics, but send us a friend.  We'll help groom your next fishing partner!  

Today I am heading up to teach Fly Fishing 301 on the upper Cle Elum River. Red's is the exclusive outfitter on this river and we think its the BEST place in August to teach new anglers how to catch fish, on foot, without the aid of a guide. Lots of pretty little trout up there. Sign up for our standard 301 class at $119 per person, we do these every Sunday for the rest of the summer. Or schedule a private class called the Final Step 301 class for $300 and bring up to 3 people.  We would love to take you fishing.  

Yakima River Report

Mornings and evenings are definitely the most productive time to fish right now, especially for dry flies. Our "go to" itinerary is the Twilight Highlight and we really encourage you guys to try and get one of these booked before the end of the summer. We'll fish late, cook you dinner on the river, drop you off at the lodge for the night, and then get started before it gets hot out the next morning.  The weekends at the lodge are pretty well booked full, but try to lock down a couple of weekdays with us and we'll show you a great trip.

Flies for the YAKIMA RIVER:

The Caddis hatch is dwindling, but at dusk you will still see some #16/18 tan bodied Caddis. If you are wade fishing try to find a spot you know there to be a group of fish, like a back eddy or a rock pile and fish the last 45 minutes of daylight for some GREAT dry fly action.  It becomes a different river at dusk!  Although the river is high there are some spots the pedestrians can generate action.

The Summer Stonefly Hatch is still active although we saw the 1st peak of the hatch, there will be a lull, and then it will ramp up again in September.  These bugs range in size from a #6 to a #10.  The males don't have wings and the skitter a lot.  So don't be afraid to twitch the fly.

Gypsy King (all sizes and colors are great)

This is the best way to get a 'base' supply of Caddis. If you aren't well equipped here consider this assortment because it will outfit you for success on almost any river or stream.

Caddis Emerger - Use this fly at dusk behind a stonefly or more visible Caddis. Most of the fish will be eating emergers right in the surface film.  

Rent a Drift Boat or Fishing Raft

If you want to fish the Yakima Canyon without a guide, we implore you to rent either a framed fishing raft or a drift boat from us.  Its affordable, rewarding, and you can do it.  Here are some rowing tips to give you an outline on how to row a river boat and please know that we also offer rowing lessons and a free How to Row a Drift Boat seminar a couple of times per month.

Flies for Small Tributary Rivers and Creeks

You can get a great assortment in a "pocket sized" box right here. This will get you well outfitted, or just watch the video and learn some of the tips and tricks about how to choose the right fly.  We also sell all these flies individually on our website as well if you just need a few bugs.