Just Get Out There

January 20, 2016

I guided this past Sunday during the Seahawks/Panthers game... ironically I guided during their first meeting as well. Same deal, different day.  Listening to the ProSports application on the iPhone and trying to take in as much of the game as possible without losing our edge on the wild trout we were chasing after.  One of our guests, Brian Habeck snapped some great photos while along for the ride.  He took some beautiful shots while fishing, I am surprised he got so many pics because we were fishing really hard!

Well as the story goes this time around, Hawks lose but angler win.  The fishing was good right off the bat thanks to the thick clouds and snowstorm were in.  When the nighttime low stays relatively warm, which was about 30 degrees this past weekend, the fishing picks up because they aren't being hit with a hard freeze at night.  Even though it only topped 36 during the day the overall water temperature produced a good bite.  Steady is good for winter fishing.  The riverbed is fairly insulated so it doesn't need to get "warm" out to produce favorable temps.  It just can't get too cold at night.  Sunny days can look good on the weather forecast with highs in the mid 40's but two things happen, they melt snow and clear skies usually produce very cold nights. Anyhow, keep that in mind as you examine the forecast and look for a good fishing day.
Our fishing over the past few days was by far the best on nymphs over streamers.  We threw streamers on sink tips to no avail off and on all day.  Our float took us by Red's Fly Shop during the lunch hour so we stopped in so that we could get out of the snow, grab hot Java, eat some lunch, and we caught the tail end of the Hawks game as the on-side kick was gobbled up by the Panthers.  After a layover at Red's, we got back in the boat and fished our way down to Lmuma Creek. 

We took out right at dark and the launch gave us some issues.  The deep snow, soft sand thanks to the last flood), and ice made it tough to get the boats out.  Glad we were using the buddy system and a tow strap. 

Tips for the Week
  • When you get into the big pools, find the "pod".  Most of the fish in a big pool will be located in the same quadrant.
  • Yarn is typically best as an indicator, it requires a bit more maintanence but fishes the slow soft currents better.
  • Try streamers off and on.  Sometimes there will be small windows or days that its ON and others... like Sunday... off. 
  • Look around.  There are Bighorn, Eagles, Mule Deer, and all sorts of great birds along the river right now.
  • Take pics, a winter trip's memories come in all forms.
  • Brassie Fly. 
  • Jimmy Legs :)

  1. Great photos!
  2. Despite the weather, happy to read that it was a successful fishing outing. Great images as well.