Klickitat River Spring Chinook and Steelhead

May 29, 2015


Well here we go, Salmon and Steelhead fishing already!   The run is a bit early and WAY above the 10 year average.  This is good news even if you can't get out fishing this next month.  Anytime a Salmon run is strong, it is a very good thing.  Please take a close look at the chart to see just how big this run is. The Spring Chinook and Steelhead seasons will open June 1st with increased daily limit of three hatchery steelhead and two hatchery spring chinook

The Klickitat river has spring Chinook from Fisher Hill Bridge to the hatchery.   Spring Chinook passage at Bonneville Dam continues daily above 2,000 salmon.    You can view the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife rule change at the following link for all the details:  https://fortress.wa.gov/dfw/erules/efishrules/erule.jsp?id=1592

If you plan to fish and need some advice on flies and gear, call our shop at (509) 933-2300 and ask for Craig or Roger.  They can put together a package of flies, lines, gear, or a King sized spey rod for you.

Red's Fly Shop will offer a kiosk of terminal fly fishing tackle including flies, leaders, and strike indicators inside Klickitat Canyon Market beginning June 2nd.   You can contact Carl Coolidge at the Klickitat Canyon Market for fishing licenses, fly fishing tackle, shuttles, beer, and groceries.  The Canyon Market is located at 100 Main Street, Klickitat, Washington 98628.   For further information call-- (509) 369-4400  Please stop by and check out the huge selection of fly fishing gear.   If you need further fly fishing assistance regarding fly fishing gear or guided fly fishing trips on the Klickitat,  you can call Red's Fly Shop at 509-933-2300.  
  1. this is a good idea
  2. Heading up for first time ever fly fishing the klickitat. Actually, it's only about my 3rd time flyfishing period. Nice to see a local place to stop and get fishing supplies and get advice. Any tips on flies this time of year?
  3. Make sure to start early in the morning if you can before the sun hits the water, and try to keep things simple. If its your 3rd time fly fishing don't complicate things too much. Get a few "swinging" flies from the Canyon Market, fish near the town of Klickitat, and focus on the quicker moving water above the fast moving spots. These are called tailouts. Cast the fly out into the current, let it come tight and swing or swim through. Work the area from upstream, stepping downstream, after each cast.
  4. Will a 7 wt switch rod be enough rod out there? Also, can my Watermaster get through there safely?
  5. I am planning on a 3 day Klickitat and want a good switch rod. I saw a couple videos that Joe mentioned a Sage ONE 7116-4. Would that make it at the Klickitat... I want to focus more towards the steelies but....