Power Hour Fishing Report // Naches River

June 12, 2019

The Naches River has been open for several weeks now, but flows are just now dropping into the window that we like to fish it at.  We float the river in rafts, which is no easy task given the high gradient drop and ever changing maze of braided channels and downed trees.  There are several tight spots that are dangerous right now and will become impassable once flows drop another foot or so.  We ran dry/ dropper, streamers on the go and on the swing, and dry only at various times throughout the day.  Our best several fish of the day were caught while wading soft seams and side channels.  Interestingly, we never caught a single fish on the dropper nymphs, so we cut them off when the wind came up in the PM, and ran DFO (dry flies only).  Overall, fishing from the boat was not very productive, likely due to the fact that the fish were pushed out of the main flow and into the softer water given the current flow level.  Flows, however, are dropping fast now, and it could be a short float season this year.  I think the best fishing advice I can give for the Naches is to fish the green water.  Don't mess so much with the shallow riffles and tailouts - fish the green!  Wade fishing should remain productive so long as water temperatures stay cool.

Location:  Rattlesnake Creek to "Y"

Anglers:  Steve cubed (yes, 3 Steve's in the boat!)

Time:  10:00 am-6:00 pm

Results:  5 or 6 fish to hand including a couple nice Cutthroat

Estimated Hunger level: Fishing will improve (especially big dry fly fishing) as flows drop.  The next week could be really good.

Flies: Chubby Chernobyl (royal, orange), Holo Prince, Sculpzilla

There was a great Caddis hatch, but between the bright sun and afternoon wind, we never found any feeders to target...

Naches River Dry Fly Setup:

Rod: Winston Pure 8' 6", 4 weight

Reel: Hatch Finatic 3 Plus

Line: Rio Perception

Leader: 7.5' 4X


Naches River Streamer Setup:

Rod: Sage X 9' 6 weight fighting butt

Reel: Hatch Finatic 5 Plus

Line: RIO Streamer tip 6 ips

Leader:  5' of 1X Fluorocarbon with loop knot to fly

  1. Hi, I recently moved to the area. I own a 13 ft raft and I was wondering where you put in and take out to float the Naches. It might now be floatable in its current condition but it would be great to have info for future years. Thanks so much!!