Fish the Right Spots // Roadside Nymphing Powerhour Report

May 24, 2019

I stepped in the water for about 30 minutes on the way down to the shop this morning and wanted to do a short article and video on helping anglers read water better.  We see it all the time, anglers fishing in the wrong spots!

Choosing the right place to step into the river increases your odds exponentially!  Watch this short video on how to understand transitions better and improve your catch on your next brief walkabout.

Location:  Between Mile Marker 19 and Mile Marker 18, Yakima River Canyon

Anglers:  Joe Rotter

Time: 9 am - 9:30 am

Catch Resuls:  Landed one trout, 12" - had two other good takes.  A trout every half an hour?... not terrible.  

Flies:  Rainy's Jighead Flexi Stone, Brown #8  Morrish's Super Pupae Bright Green #14

Estimated Hunger Level:  1 out of 10 - It was really cold, windy, and the Caddis hatch in the evening is super good. They weren't biting very well this morning. 

Featured Tackle: Echo Shadow II 10' 2 Weight RodRIO Euro Nymph LeaderSimms G3 Guide Bootfoot Waders (so easy to get on and off for a quick wading session!)

  1. Thanks Joe - really helpful especially to new anglers to post the basics like this. Keep 'em coming! One thing I would like to see is something about your decision process and timing you use for switching nymphs or rigs. Beginners often have no clue about this because of a lack of confidence determining whether the fish are somewhere else, not feeding, don't like the presentation, or don't like a particular pattern/rig. What general strategy do you use e.g. for euro-nymphing?