Roadside Euro Nymphing for 45 Minutes // Powerhour Fishing Report

May 10, 2019

I haven't gotten to trout fish in almost a week, so I decided to pull over this morning on my way to Red's and fish for about 45 minutes. LOTS of people drive along rivers and never get a chance to pull over and fish. 

Using Euro Nymphing tactics is a great way to do a quick wading adventure and be productive becuase you don't have to cover a lot of water!  You pick apart small areas where you know there to be trout.  It allows you to fish a long time in a small area and still have a good chance at trout.

Location:  Between Mile Marker 19 and Mile Marker 20, Yakima River Canyon

Anglers:  Joe Rotter

Time: 8:45 am - 9:30 am

Catch Resuls:  Hooked 3, broke one off on 5X, lost one, and landed a very nice one.  The largest fish was about 17" and very colorful.

Flies:  Flashback Jighead Pheasant Tail #16, Yellow Spot Jighead Tungsten Nymph, Pat's Stonefly Nymph #6

Estimated Hunger Level:  2 (the trout are feeding heavily on the big Caddis hatch in the afternoon!)  Although I did hook several fish, they weren't very aggressive takes.

Featured Tackle: Echo Shadow II 10' 2 Weight Rod, RIO Euro Nymph Leader, Simms G3 Guide Bootfoot Waders (so easy to get on and off for a quick wading session!)

  1. Really enjoyed this style for searching, Joe. Thank You
  2. Thanks Joe. Looks like a lot of fun. I’ve never thought about doing a power hour of fishing before work but I think I’m going too now. On a side note thanks for all the videos you do as they have helped me a lot. Justin
  3. Loved the video Joe, beautiful trout you found this morning. I've been finding some nice ones too so far this spring. Tried to drive to some high mountain lakes through roslyn today but still too much snow on the roads. A couple more weeks and they should be fishable. Tight lines!!
  4. I really like this format Joe! Gives a quick report but it is informative at the same time! Even though I live half way across the country and fish different water I always use your instruction for my home waters!
  5. Joe, thank you very much for your videos and blogs. They really help. Your videos on Euro Nymphing have opened up a new world of fishing.
  6. This is a great format. The details of the trip, including the type of flies used are very informative! I'll be learning how to Euro Nymph fish in a couple of weeks.
  7. Very practical, Good stuff, you're the working man's fisherman. Blue collar man.
  8. I know of few small creeks that are just off the main roads in small community parks that can fish from shore . As to your fish like a heron, I happened upon a heron in spot on the Gorge Park waterway. I stopped in my tracks to watch this great fisher and how patient and still it was while stalking the many bait below this elegant bird . And of of course after a few attempts it caught a fish I was trying to take a picture when it flew off with its catch . So Joe what type of camera did you use for video? GoPro ?
  9. I'd like to see if euro nymphing with a streamer works on the Yakima.