Simple Trick for More Fish on Hoppers // Powerhour Tip of the Week

July 25, 2019

We are nearing the peak of many angler's favorite hatch... the Grasshopper hatch.  Just like other bugs, Grasshoppers live out a specific life cycle and peak at particular times.  I most of North America hoppers emerge from the soil, sod, or whereve they were deposited by their mama in July as "nymphs".  Yes, nymphs. That is the proper name for an immature hopper with no wings.  They will grow fast and develop wings as they go through several moulting cycles.  Eventually becoming big clumsy meals for trout living near the shoreline at your local watering hole.

Be Ready for this "Hoppertunity"!

life cycle of a grasshopper

Use This Trick to Catch MORE Trout on Grasshopper Flies

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