Snack break, REACH CAST Lesson, and a nice Rainbow!

May 12, 2016

Before you read this and watch the video!

We have guides available this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!  Call (509) 933-2300.  Book an afternoon/evening float to experience some excellent dry fly fishing. We rarely do this, but you need to get out here.  Half Days from 2 pm to dusk are the best way to go for a dry fly specific trip.  If you are fishing a Full Day - ask for an 11 am start time.  

Well we were up to some shenanigans this morning.  I just filmed a short video a few minutes ago that you can see below. I could see some fish feeding on Caddis across the river at Red's so I boat-jacked Steve's Adipose Skiff that he left in the water the night before and Bob and I rowed across the river with two Caddis flies and a desire to stick a couple fish on dry flies.  

We couldn't row upstream enough to get positioned above the best trout, which is preferred, so we had to cast upstream around a tree to get an angle.  This creates many challenges.  You might "line" the fish and spook them.  The darn tree is in the way AND the currents are vicious.  

The SOLUTION is a Reach Cast.  This slacks some line, gets your fly line out of the view of the fish, AND keeps you out of the tree!  

  1. Great video. If I have this right, this isn't so much about using a "Reach" cast in the situation your are fishing. As you mention at the beginning of the video, you are performing an over-powered "Curve" cast. Please let me know if I have this wrong. The "Curve" cast, at least for myself, it one of the more difficult casts to master. Practice at home using some targets before trying it out on the river. Here are two good video sources on how to perform the "Curve" cast. Source: Source: Rick in Spokane
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