Tis the Season - Drift Boats for Sale!

March 13, 2017

The 2017 Used boat scramble has begun!

Tis the season, when the sun finally breaks through the cloud layer and actually has some warmth behind it!  A common thought that goes through many anglers minds is how wonderful it would be to become a drift boat or raft owner.  The truth of the matter is that owning drift boat or raft can be very enjoyable, and is fairly easy from a transport, maintenance, and operations point of view.  It's not at all like owning a large motor boat, especially one that goes in the saltwater.  Those are the boats that made famous the saying, "The happiest 2 days in a boat owners life is the day they bought the boat, and the day they sold it!"  The Spring season is to drift boat manufacturer's what Christmas is to Walmart.  No matter how hard they try and get ahead through the slower winter months, the backlogs at Clackacraft, Hyde, RO, or Adipose all end up at 8-12 weeks by the time the Spring trout fishing season is underway in the West.  

We have always been able to keep a few boats that customers are hoping to move, and will continue to be add them to this page as they become available.  If you are looking to buy or sell a boat, send us a note!  We're here to help you, and here's a great one that just came in this weekend:

2012 RO Deville LS Drift Boat (16' Low Side):  

RO built the Deville to maintain the space and layout of a Mackenzie style drift boat, but handle like a skiff.  This boat has been stored indoors and is immaculately maintained.  The color is "desert camo", and it comes complete with anchor, rope, Sawyer oars, customer RO cover, spare tire, and quality Black Dog galvanized trailer.  It is river ready with a 2" ball and 4 flat wire harness.  This boat is available to see and pickup at Red's Fly Shop.  Email steve@redsflyshop.com for additional details.

Package Price:  $6795.00.