Tropical Flats Fishing Fishing for Dummies

December 5, 2017

About 10 years ago I got to go on my first flats fishing trip.  It was Ascension Bay, Mexico. Looking back I didn't hardly know a thing about flats fishing, what to expect, all the species we would be after, and I certainly didn't have anyone to prepare me. I was a dummy.  I had more dumb questions than the courage to ask them, but somehow I survived.  Now my life goal is to make less fly fishing dummies and help anglers succeed and not make many of the same mistakes I have.  I tried reading all the books, blogs, and magazines I could but nothing prepares you like having wet feet or a good mentor to show you the way.  A real voice and someone to politely answer dumb questions is a priceless asset when preparing for a big trip like Ascension Bay because if you aren't asking any dumb questions... you frankly aren't asking enough questions!

Come join me this Saturday at Red's.  I am putting on a FREE class intended for anglers going to Ascension Bay with us this upcoming February/March, but there will be plenty of space for anyone interested in learning how to have a successful flats fishing trip.  Even if you aren't booked into this trip the bar will be open, the class is free, and you'll learn a ton about fishing for all the Grand Slam species; Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, and the bonus fish like Snook, Barracuda, Jack Crevalle, and more.   Maybe you have a trip booked through someone else, that's ok!  Come learn from my years of experience.  The restaurant and bar will be open so its ok to eat a burger and sip a beer while you listen.  We'll do some casting lessons at the end of the class and I'll walk through fly selection, essential gear, and more.

Tropical Flats Fishing for Dummies

10 am - 2 pm - Red's Fly Shop
December 9th, 2017