Turbo Charge Your Single Hand Rod with This OPST System

April 20, 2017

*don't get lazy, read the actual blog if you really want to learn more about the OPST Single Hand Spey Line System and how you might improve your game! 

Many anglers seek the advantage of the Skagit Head system but don't want to tote a cumbersome two-handed rod around the river. I get it.  You don't always need a two-hander, and most of the time a 40' cast is all it takes.  Anglers also have more finesse and control with a single hand rod.  The mending, jigging, and drifting control of a single hand rod at sub 50' distances is far superior to rods that stretch over 11'. I think this system for anglers that want to increase the utility of their single handers is a no brainer.  Another reel or a spare spool set up with this system would be great.  Fishing for steelhead on mid-sized streams using your 896-4 and this system would be stellar. Considering that you could make a simple spool change and nymph with your floating line during certain conditions really gives anglers a two-pronged attack using one rod that they are familiar with.  There are LOTS of options!

For years I have been using the Wulff Ambush line system on my single hand rods and as far as a contiguous line system (running line and head attached) its a great system.  I like the line and it fishes a streamer really well because its easier to strip and handle than mono running line.

I still use the Wulff System a fair amount and have a few reels dedicated to it, but I have really enjoyed using the OPST system as of late. The mono running line makes shooting flies and sink tips much easier. I enjoy casting with less effort and the slick finish on mono is much more efficient than traditional vinyl running line.

Pro's and Con's Vs. These Two Single Hand Spey Options:

  • The Wulff is more comfortable for anglers that are totally unfamiliar with mono running line systems.
  • The OPST system shoots with a bit less effort, mono running line is really effortless to shoot.
  • The OPST system is better for large streamers and heavier sink tips.
  • The Wulff is better if the angler hopes to do some nymph fishing or even dry fly fishing.
  • The Wulff is a slightly longer head making it a bit more stable in flight.
  • The Wulff is better for traditional single hand overhead casting.
  • The OPST is more popular with experienced casters familiar with Skagit Heads, for what that's worth!

Additional Video Resources:

  1. Great tips for single hand spey!!
  2. Hey Joe, Curious - mono running line benefits are clear but is it a must? Is there a standard overhand fly-line that could work with the rest of the Skagit head/tip system? I picture myself on a stream with standard streamer line and maybe a backup spool of floating when I come upon a stretch with no back-cast. Instead of carrying yet another spool with mono shooting line and re-rigging is it possible to just attach a commando head and tip and get some of the benefits of single-hand spey? Thanks!
  3. I fish a 9 foot 8wt what would you recommend For single hand spey ?
  4. Hey Joe, I already have the wulff ambush line, is it worth (or is it really) an upgrade to the opst system?