Understanding How to Swing Flies for Trout

October 14, 2019

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Swinging wet flies such as streamers, soft hackles, and swimming nymphs is an old school approach that is fun to cast and the strikes are exhilarating.  Tight line fishing, as opposed to a dead-drift, allows you to feel the energy of the trout instantly upon the hookup.

We too often see lack of understanding on how to present a swinging fly as it relates to trout, steelhead, and salmon.  Most anglers simply cast as far as they can and let their fly essentially "troll" across the river for lack of a better term. While this method will catch the most aggressive fish, your results will be inconsistent.

This week's video tip teaches what an angler should do, and that is to emulate a "critter" ascending from the bottom of the river up into the flowing portion of the water column. It allows the fish to see the origin of the offering and makes it far more believable.  Learn to do this... and your catch count WILL increase.

  1. Great video really enjoyed it. The content is not only applicable to the US but down here in NZ as well. Tight lines!
  2. Thanks Warren, we appreciate your positive encouragement. I can't wait to fish NZ someday. That's on my bucketlist.