Win a Drift Boat AND a Fishing Trip! Support Wild Steelhead!

July 30, 2017

Win this beautiful wooden boat and fishing trip (or rowing lesson) with Joe Rotter from Red's Fly Shop. This boat was generously donated to the Wild Steelhead Coalition and we are helping sell tickets.  To sweeten the pot we are are offering up the rowing lesson/guided float with Joe Rotter!  We don't want you hitting too many rocks with this sweet of a boat. 

Details on the Boat Raffle
  • Currently the boat is at Red's Fly Shop
  • Purchase tickets for $20 Cash at Red's
  • Max of 500 Tickets
  • Winner will be drawn after 500 tickets are sold... or on December 31st.
  • Boat includes custom cover, new galvanized trailer, oars, complete anchor system, and is in perfect condition!
  • This boat was built in the 1950's and recently updated!  Its pristine.
  • 100% of the proceeds go to the Wild Steelhead Coalition 
  1. OCKSJoe Rotter Rotter ROCKS!, see U on the river until then tight lines
  2. I hope you aren't being sarcastic haha, thanks Peter and am happy to support WSC and our native fish of course.
  3. Cannot support a group that wants to shut hatcheries down and pit one user group against another. WSC is only interested in their own agenda to hell with everyone else.
  4. Hi Craig, I hope you will look a little deeper into the organization and I would be happy to share some our important work for wild steelhead and the future. Joe thanks again to you and the Red's crew for supporting and promoting this opportunity to the organization. It is invaluable to have this type of support. All the funds go to wild steelhead projects.