Winston BIII - TH Two Handed Spey Rods and 7129-4 Review

August 28, 2014

Tuesday I fished the Klickitat River for Steelhead with Tony and Craig C from Stinson to Ice House. Swinging Burnt Chicken flies and heavy tips with my new 7129-4 Winston BIII TH was easy.  I was compelled to make a post and share my experience with this new rod because Steelhead season is ramping up everywhere across the northwest.  Plus I just got a new rod!  I genuinely enjoy spey casting, A LOT, and appreciate a fine two handed rod which I found in the 12'9" 7 weight Winston BIII model.  

When it comes to Steelhead fishing if you don't enjoy the casting and the process of fishing you won't stay with it long enough to get good at it.  There is more casting than catching.  The Winston BIII TH rods make casting a joy.  Of course it should, these cost $880 but for those serious about a productive and enjoyable spey fishing experience it is a very palatable price tag.  If you are new to spey or thinking about just giving it a shot this fall we certainly have some less expensive spey fishing gear that will suit you fine.  It won't have the touch and punch of the Winston but it will be a great starting point.  

Proper Line and Grain Weight for the 7129-4 Winston Boron III-TH Spey Rod

The light to hand, silky smooth casts reached any spot on the river I directed the cast. I was casting a 480 grain Airflo Rage with a 14 ft Super Fast Sink Airflow Polyleader-- 4.9 in/sec with Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics new Razor 40 lb running line. The 480 grain Rage cuts through the afternoon upriver wind, turning over your fly no problem. The new spey rod from Winston is equally comfortable casting a 450 RIO Scandi and 12ft RIO Spey VersiLeader- 7 ips. The real power of the 7129-4 is realized with the bottom hand stroke, and down locking reel seat for the FAST action, balanced touch and go, or sustained anchor casts.

Tony took a few shots with it.  This rod casts as smooth in real time as it does in slow motion!