Yakima River Fishing Report

August 17, 2014

The fishing was interesting this past week with a quick swell after a few micro burst rainstorms earlier this week.  We weren't sure what would happen, but Friday wound up being very tough fishing in the front half of the day.  The river has cleared up now and we are back on track.  The dry fly fishing has been good overall (with the exception of late Thursday/Friday in the Lower Canyon).  The fish numbers are great and anglers are getting many fish to the fly but they can be tough to hook.  The trout fishing has been great this summer which also means many of the fish have been hooked.... many times.  Those little buggers get smart in a hurry and they are doing a lot of short striking, swirling, and swatting at the fly.  It is almost enough to drive you crazy!  

It is still fun to get a look at a fish on your fly though, so we're pretty content fishing dry flies and at least seeing the action.  The dry dropper strategy and nymph fishing has been better for simply boating fish but this time of year we really try to fish dry flies as much as possible.  Think about downsizing your offerings.  The Tan Tupac Stone is always a great late summer fly, or take and modify a Tan Tantrum like on the video below.  I also like to take a pair of scissors and thin down the wing.  You can cut all the pink yarn off and it looks super buggy.   

  1. My son who lives in Seattle has asked me to come out from northern New York for what he describes as a hatch equal to or better than the salmon fly hatch on the Madison. He said it is an early spring hatch. I want to make a plan to get out that way but wonder 1, what fly is hatching and 2 when is that hatch expected this year (2019). Any info you can provide is most appreciated. Thanks