Yakima River Weekly Report // June 19th, 2020

June 19, 2020

The Yakima continues to remain in excellent condition, in fact, many of the guides are saying its too low and clear for optimal fishing.  A GREAT problem to have, especially for DIY anglers because the low water makes the river much easier to read and interpret.  Wade fishing is a great option now, especially when combined with using your own boat or a boat rental at Red'.  We have framed rafts, personal watercraft, or Clackacraft Drift Boats available to rowers with river experience.

Hatch wise, we're beginning to see some Summer Stoneflies migrating toward the shore. These are big bugs and range in size from #6 to #10 and are best imitated with dark colored Stonefly Nymph patterns.  Caddis are prevalent in the evenings, PMD Mayflies mid day (especially when cloudy), and terrestrial insects like ants, beetles, Cicadas, and other bugs like Moths are also a factor.  Hoppers are still a month away.

Streamer fishing has been most productive on sink tips in the more defined pools.  I would encourage DIY anglers using boats to work the water in detail, and floats shorter than 10 miles are reccomended in this lower water.  The larger trout (16"+) have been a bit harder to locate these last several days. They were much more aggressive in the cloudy, rainy, dark, and windy weather.  Now that its hot and sunny it seems like they hunkered down a bit.

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