Your Questions... My Answers

January 5, 2018

Hi folks, I am trying a format for our podcast so that you can get some fishing intel while you are driving, working, or doing something other than sitting down staring at a screen.  Apparently it includes a weird selfie. Forgive me, it makes me put an image in there. If you haven't already, download the Podbean App for your smart phone and follow The Mend Fly Fishing Podcast there. Its nothing fancy, and our production quality is primitive but we have good content.

I did a post on our Facebook page this morning and invited some listener questions, I'll be sure to do it again next week or you can ask a few questions in the comments below. I got to all but one question that I'll get to next week!

  1. I am looking for a switch rod for steelhead with indicateur,my big question is am I better which à fast action rod or a moderate action,you have suggestions? Do you ever try the Beulah?